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How to Cast Hotstar in Normal TV & Smart TV with Google Chromecast (Full Guide)

Details and Guide for Hotstar app for Smart tv and alternative for playing hotstar on Normal TV or non-smart TV:

Hotstar has been proved as the biggest hit in the Indian APP market with over 200 to 300 Million installs in Android, Apple and Windows mobile phones. But as per the trend, bigger is better, watching hotstar live cricket or live tv on big screen of TV is a new trend. Playing hotstar on a big screen is a great fun.

The hotstar fans, who are tired of playing hotstar app on mobile’s small screen and want to play on their big 32″ or 42″ or 50″ LED TV, then they either need a smart tv or Google Chromecast. In this guide, we have provided a detailed guide for how to cast hotstar app playing in smart tv and regular tv.

Hotstar App for Normal TV or Non-Smart TV

On normal tv, playing hotstar app is very easy but not very famous and known to millions of Indians. When we say running of hotstar app on non-smart tv, then we talk about the LED Tv of this generation, not that 90’s big boxes.

Google chromecast 2 flipkart

Google Chromecast 2 Image


NECESSARY: To play hotstar app on Non-smart LED tv, your tv must have HDMI port and all the LED and LCD tv have the HDMI port by default.


And with that, all you need is “Google ChromeCast 2” to watch hotstar on your non-smart tv.

With Google Chromecast you can watch not only hotstar but all many other applications that Google Chromecast supports, you can check the list of Chromecast enabled app from Google Chromecast site.

Hotstar for Chromecast was made available in July 2016.

EXTRA: With Chromecast, you can also easily Mirror your mobile display with a single click.

The Google Chromecast is available in India on Flipkart at the price of 3399 INR, you can get it in discount sometime around 3K too (I got in 3K in sale), to check it’s latest offer on price, check Flipkart chromecast offer page.


Hotstar App for Smart TV

NOTE: Smart tv users can also buy Chromecast and enjoy seamless viewing of hotstar in their smart tv too. It is a great fun to run hotstar on Chromecast 2.

Hotstar app for smart tv is available for limited TV brands in India. Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, VU Phillips and many more tv companies are going to provide hotstar support for their smart tv.

For e.g. on LG support forum, a user has asked a question for the availability of hotstar for LG WebOS tv, but there is no response from support team yet, check it here. Similarly, on Sony tv support forum, a similar thread is there.

You can visit, your TV company’s website to check whether their smart tv support hotstar or not.

So, leave this ULJAN, and buy Google Chromecast 2 from Flipkart, it’s worth to every penny, I have been using it from 3 months and I just love it.

If you couldn’t find then leave a comment below with your TV brand and model and we will try our best to give you latest updates for how to cast hotstar app in smart tv.


Updated: January 27, 2017 — 9:11 am

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